Hailing from Caminha, Portugal, Brantner is a driven, passionate and charismatic band led by two singers.

Marco, from Portugal, and Evita, originally from Belgium, joined forces as partners in life and on stage, creating a direct and honest blend of alternative rock, sporting influences as diverse as Queen, U2, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Bonnie Tyler, Damien Rice, Bryan Adams, James, Tina Turner or Bon Jovi. The intimacy of a singer-songwriter act blends in with the energy of rock and roll in a personal and fresh way!

In March 2014, they have recorded their first single “You can’t be waiting” and started a small summer tour in Marco’s home country which ended up at Portugal’s oldest rock festival, “Festival de Vilar de Mouros”.

In February 2015, they released a videoclip for their second single “We don’t feel that way” and started a tour of shows in the Iberic peninsula which came to an end in March 2016.

Great reactions from the audience, a lot of good reviews, radio airplays and unexpected interviews boosted the band’s energy to keep up with the work.

They have been “cooking” some magical songs and they can’t keep the excitement to present the new album soon.

Marco Brantner – Vocalista/guitarra
Evita Brantner – Vocalista
João Arieira – Baterista
Jorge Rasteiro – Guitarra Electrica
João Rangel – Baixo
Alex Carvalho – Piano/viola/voz
Filipe Alturas – Teclado/voz